Fine Arts


Because the fine arts serve to nourish the spirit of man and to reflect his relationship to God, they serve both as agents of the Gospel and as records of its work. By nature and integrity, therefore, the arts have an essential role in the propagation of the Gospel. David’s one desire — to behold the beauty of the Lord — is a statement of the Christian aesthetic making the pursuit of beauty an obligation not an option. We are so accustomed to thinking of beauty as merely decorative and ornamental that we forget that beauty is a moral necessity. God wrought beauty in the structure of the universe. Beauty is the highest form of righteousness.

~ Stonebridge Art Guide


The goal of art at HCA is to have fun. Yes, we will learn principles and elements of art. The atmosphere is active, interactive, and educational. At the lower elementary level (Pre-K through 2nd grade), the goal is to learn technique and process. Moving to the upper elementary grades (3rd – 6th grade), students take those skills and apply them to their own creative process. At the junior high and senior high level, independence is our goal as artists. Assignments allow for personal interpretation within the boundaries of HCA’s biblical worldview.


Drama at HCA is an interactive, performance-based course introducing secondary students to theater production. We invite students to learn a wide variety of skills including theater technology (lighting, sound, prop production), stage management, acting, script analysis, and character development. We strive to challenge students to grow in new areas of theater while continuing to gain proficiency in their established skills. Auditions for new productions take place at the beginning of each semester. Past productions include Peter Pan, Annie, The Music Man, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, The Wizard of Oz, and many more!


The yearbook course has been designed to provide students with the journalism skills and the ability to apply those skills to the actual production of the yearbook. Units of study include teamwork, responsibility, brainstorming, content, coverage, concept, reporting, writing, headlines, captions, editing, photography, typography, design, graphics, nances, yearbook campaigns, advertising and distribution. Actual work results in the current volume of the school’s yearbook. The publication strives to maintain a tradition of excellence in which the school and the community can take pride. Mastery of the goals and objectives fully verse staff members in all areas of publication production and students should be able to pursue journalism with a strong background either in their advanced studies or in a career.